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DCC Decoder Installation Service

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DCC Conversion Service

DCC Conversions (not DCC Ready) Any locomotive not designed to accept a DCC decoder plug will require conversion to accept a standard dcc decoder. Standard decoders will control all locomotive functions and factory lighting, while standard installation will not include sound or optional improvements to standard factory models. The amount of work required to convert a “non-DCC ready” locomotive to use a suitable standard decoder varies depending on the chassis and pick-up design of the locomotive OO Gauge Locomotives or N Gauge Dapol and Graham Farish locomotives with a fully insulated chassis and individual connections from both the positive and negative sides of the track to the engine. Booking in your locomotive. Before you book your locomotive for DCC fitting, it is of the utmost importance that you can verify that your model is running smoothly, fitting DCC will highlight any problems with pickups and engine contacts. Naturally, we can service and repair your locomotive (subject to components available) before fitting DCC for extra service and repair charge. Contact us to discuss your requirements now.

DCC Fitting Service for N, OO and O gauge locomotives available. Contact us now on 07583179265

Booking in your locomotive

Before you book in your locomotive for DCC fitting it is most important that you can confirm your model runs well to begin with, fitting DCC will highlight any issues with pickups and motor contacts.
We can of course service and repair your locomotive (subject to available parts) prior to fitting DCC for an additional Service and repair chargeYou may bring your locomotives to our shop and book them in personally, or, contact us by phone or email for postage details and expected turn around times.

DCC Decoder Installation Service. FAQ

How do I order the DCC Fitting service?

You can order this service by telephone order or pop by our shop

What items can be fitted using this service?

We can fit OO Gauge or N Gauge items
8 or 21 pin decoders into DCC Ready item
Solder decoder into a DCC compatible (not DCC Ready) item
Solder a non-DCC ready Bachmann 2 or 3 car DMU with lights
Solder a non-DCC ready complex project eg (Bachmann Wickham Trolley)
We also offer the following Sound fitting options
Fit a sound decoder to a DCC Ready OO gauge loco
Fit two sound decoders to a single DCC ready OO gauge item (such as a HST or Multiple Unit)
Fit a sound decoder to a non-DCC ready OO gauge loco

Can I send in a loco I already own to be fitted?

Yes. Please contact us by telephone or email to check it can be done and the member of staff will be able to arrange this.

Can you fit a decoder to my loco?

Yes. We offer a DCC Decoder Installation Service on all our locomotives in our shop.

Contact us now on 07583179265